Industry-Focused Round Tables and Peer-To-Peer Coaching

ABL’s industry-focused Round Tables and peer-to-peer coaching are designed to facilitate expedited growth by leveraging the collective wisdom of its Members.  ABL is unique because while our Members represent a broad spectrum of their healthcare or technology industry, none of them are direct competitors. Our CEO Members develop new approaches to pitfalls unique to healthcare and technology, while engaging in confidential executive networking.  ABL’s Members are committed to seeing their fellow Member succeed and grow.

Our Members all have one thing in common: in order to emerge successfully, they need to navigate and adapt to the ever-changing climate around them.  By reshaping core capabilities, seeking out new partners, clients, markets, and acknowledging the need to periodically refocus their businesses, ABL Members are able to stay ahead of the latest trends impacting their industry and their organizations. They truly define Adaptive Business Leaders, weathering storms and driving their businesses forward.

It is this quality that makes the ABL Organization a necessity for every healthcare or technology business leader. Being a Member puts you right in the center of a learning organization with real-time problem solving and networking opportunities with other successful business leaders. With Membership comes entry into a domain where identifying the solutions to the problems of tomorrow is the focus of today.

ABL’s Round Table programs bring together business leaders who have experience and expertise to share with their fellow Members.  During these monthly sessions, CEO Members contribute to the process of collective problem-solving in a collegial environment with a group of their successful peers. Each month, Members discuss their issues and ideas with others who really “get” the changes of today’s market, serving as practical think tanks, where innovative concepts for prospering in a dynamic environment are presented, challenged, and shaped. Members vet strategies, exchange ideas, and leverage each other’s experiences, resulting in better decisions.

ABL provides an opportunity to participate in a continual exchange of ideas with fellow experienced industry executives – peers who only want to help each other with the ideas, information, and connections they need to create successful businesses.

Join ABL  – It’s time to take your business to the next level and we want to help you get there.

Where CEO Breakthroughs Happen
ABL Membership Criteria

Focus:   ABL Members lead firms that are predominantly in either the Healthcare or Technology industry.

Leadership: Membership candidates must be a CEO, President, COO or Key Executive (of a large company) with P&L responsibility.

Established:   ABL Member companies must be operational and have a minimum of one million dollars in annual sales or assets.

Confidentiality: Members must sign ABL’s “Letter of Confidentiality.”

Candor & Integrity: In the spirit of executive development, Members agree to openly share business issues and concerns, and to provide candid feedback to their fellow Members. High ethical behavior is a given for all ABL Members.

If you meet these qualifications, then you may qualify for ABL Membership.  Please complete the Membership Inquiry form and our Member Services team will contact you shortly.