Executive Round Table Programs

ABL’s Executive Round Table programs form the core component of the ABL experience.   These monthly, industry-specific, professionally-facilitated meetings are platforms where Members discuss topics and receive great feedback in a cordial, confidential environment.
The Table’s peer-to-peer advisory board format promotes best practices, shared insights, and leveraged connections for executives within the technology or healthcare industry. With six Healthcare Tables and three Technology Tables established in cities throughout California, ABL facilitates a non-competitive, confidential environment where top executives gain strategic insights to apply to current pressing concerns, rethink approaches specific to their market, discover new market opportunities, learn about potential pitfalls and how to avoid them, and forge new business relationships. Each Table’s morning sessions are professionally facilitated to ensure Members receive the utmost return on their investment of time and fees.

ABL is unique in that members of a single ABL Round Table make up a broad spectrum of the industry, without being directly competitive. This creates a safe advisory board setting, where executives can share and discuss their concerns comfortably. Members serve as your own personal brain trust, providing you with real-time experienced feedback to your pressing issues, enabling you to create your own range of best practices to achieve corporate and professional growth.

ABL Round Table Programs
How do the ABL Round Tables work?

First and foremost, ABL’s Members are committed to furthering their own and their fellow Members, personal and professional growth. The monthly morning Round Tables are comprised of a carefully selected group of 12-18 C-level executives in healthcare or technology. Each Round Table is composed of Members in the same industry, who are complementary to each other, rather than competitive.

While the structure remains the same, the subject matter and discussions change every month, yet they are always centered on the themes of business strategy, vicarious learning, or major industry trends. No two sessions are exactly the same, with each session offering an opportunity to tackle new problems and learn the latest strategies to accelerate your business growth. ABL Members naturally develop deep working relationships with each other, thus calendaring as many Round Tables their busy travel schedules will allow them to attend.

During each Round Table, your Facilitator will work with the group through three distinctive sections: a “discussion theme,” followed by “What’s Keeping You Up Nights?” – an opportunity to get feedback on your hottest issues, and finally the Featured Member Advisory Board Presentation, or Topical Guest Speaker. These are real-time business case studies that give everyone in the room an opportunity for organizational growth. The Advisory Board presentation dives into current goals and concerns facing the Member, giving the Table an opportunity to discuss, provide insight, and work through the issues presented. The result is that every Member willingly shares his or her expertise, industry knowledge, and experience to help shorten each other’s learning curves and avoid potential costly mistakes.

Members experience full value and a solid return on their investment of time and fees when attending Round Tables on a regular basis. They are able to stay abreast of industry trends that affect their business and keep ahead of the curve in their rapidly changing industry.

What is the Value of Industry-Specific Groups?

Since Members of a single ABL Round Table make up a broad spectrum of their industry (healthcare or technology), no time is lost with the explanation of industry nuances and acronyms. Our Members get their money’s worth and leave with best business practices from their fellow Member CEOs, who truly understand where they’re coming from, because they’ve been there, too.

Industry-specific Tables also provide Members with their own Strategic Advisory Board – Trusted Advisors and peers who participate in the diffusion of ideas, insights, and connections.  Members often also meet one-on-one with each other outside their Tables to offer expertise and receive additional feedback. The more Round Tables you attend, the more in tune you are to the crucial issues that may directly impact your business, its market, and ultimately your businesses growth.

Fellow Round Table MembersWhere and When Are The Healthcare Round Tables?

  • Orange County (1st Wednesday)
  • Silicon Valley (2nd Tuesday)
  • San Francisco (2nd Wednesday)
  • Sacramento (2nd Thursday)
  • East Bay  (3rd Thursday)
  • Los Angeles (3rd Friday)

Where and When Are The Technology Round Tables?

  • Orange County (1st Thursday)
  • Downtown Los Angeles (1st Friday)
  • West Los Angeles (2nd Friday)

ABL Round Table Networking
Who Takes Part In ABL Round Tables?

Healthcare Members are CEO’s and Senior Executives of Complimentary Healthcare Organizations, such as:

  • Hospitals, Systems & Facilities
  • Managed Care & Insurance Related Firms
  • Medical Groups & Care Centers
  • Digital Health & Health IT Providers
  • Government Health Services
  • Behavioral Health & Wellness Providers
  • Home Health, Home Care & Hospice Agencies
  • Medical Device & Diagnostics Suppliers
  • Alternate Site & Ancillary Services

Technology Members are CEOs and Presidents of Complimentary Technology Companies:

  • SaaS and Licensed Software Solution Providers
  • VARs and System Integrators
  • High Tech Product Manufacturers
  • E-Commerce, Website Design, SEO, and Internet Services
  • Managed Services and Engineering
  • Instrumentation, Optics, Imaging, and Photonics
  • Mobile Data and  Telecom Companies
  • B2C, B2B, and B2B2C E-tailers