What is the Adaptive Business Leaders Organization?

The Adaptive Business Leaders Organization, better known as ABL, is California’s Premier Healthcare & Technology CEO and Key Executive Networking Organization. It’s your own personal brain trust, utilizing a unique, industry-specific, multi-coach approach to help you develop and grow your business. Unlike other business mentoring groups, since ABL is industry-focused, Members get the most out of each meeting. No time is lost on explaining industry terminology. Instead, Members cut right to the chase and focus on solving the problems of running a successful business in their industry in real-time.

Like our name suggests, our Members are successful because they adapt their businesses as needed to thrive and grow. Their ability to recognize changing business cycles and emerging trends that impact their business – making the necessary shifts to succeed – is what makes them rise to the top of their markets. Thus, the Adaptive Business Leaders Organization is a necessity for every healthcare or technology leader who is looking to spark their company’s growth. Being a Member puts you right in the center court of innovation, fostering networking opportunities with other like-minded, successful business leaders.

Our Story

ABL industry-focued Round Table Programs and networkingABL was founded in 1983, and was originally called the Southern California Technology Executives Network – SO/CAL/TEN.  But by the late 1980’s, several of our medtech Members asked us to start inviting hospital and health plan CEOs into their Technology CEO Round Tables.

Since both technology and healthcare are vital sectors of the economy, we sought to name our fledgling program something that would apply to our existing tech CEO Round Tables, as well as the new healthcare groups we planned to form.

And then, it hit us. Our successful Members in both technology and healthcare businesses are all distinguished with one quality: they are able to adapt their businesses to the changing business climate around them. Following the Crash of ’87, the Members who didn’t adapt quickly enough were out of business within a year. They didn’t adapt.

But the companies that did survive did so because of their adaptability. They acknowledged the problems around them and embraced change as a means to grow their businesses. They succeeded because they reshaped their core capabilities, often renamed their businesses, and sought out new clients in new areas. In other words, they adapted.

History repeated itself in 2000, when the dot.com bubble burst, and in 2009 during the Great Recession.  The Members whose businesses continued to thrive did so because of their focused approach to adapting all areas of their businesses. Because of this, each of these adaptive companies is highly successful today.

Thus, the name “Adaptive Business Leaders” is fitting. With the worlds of Healthcare and Technology in constant flux – now more than ever, being able to adjust and adapt is crucial if you are going to survive and thrive in fast-changing markets.

Mimi Grant, President, ABL Organization

The ABL Team

Bob Kelley is the lead Facilitator of ABL’s three Technology Round Tables, and leverages his Board Chairman experience with emerging and high-growth tech companies.

Mimi Grant, PresidentMimi Grant leads ABL’s six Healthcare Round Tables and its New Member Development activities.
Jody Ferguson heads ABL’s Operations, including ensuring ABL’s Members’ Only website – and billing services are always up-to-date. Robin Ankrom, ABL Member ServicesRobin Ankrom ensures great Member Services for ABL’s Southern California Healthcare and Technology Round Table Members.
Laura Grant, Member Services and EventsLaura Grant is responsible for ABL’s Northern California Round Tables and all of ABL’s events, like Innovations in HealthcareTM and Top Tech TrendsTM. Janet Rich ABL's EditorJanet Rich is the editor of both the Healthcare and Technology ABL Online, the Organization’s weekly Trend and Members Newsletter, plus all of our Members’ bios.

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