ABL is California’s Premier Healthcare & Technology CEO and Key Executive Networking Organization.  Formally known as the Adaptive Business Leaders Organization, ABL is an exclusive Membership organization for healthcare and technology leaders seeking to put their firms on a fast track to building great companies and business growth.

As a Member, you will take part in monthly Round Table forums with fellow leaders in your industry, who will serve as your personal Executive Advisory Board. ABL’s Round Table sessions are led by professional facilitators who have decades of experience leading sessions specifically designed to maximize a shared learning experience where breakthrough ideas are explored, insights stimulated, and valuable connections are made and opportunities conveyed.

The worlds of healthcare and technology are ever-changing. Now more than ever, thinking outside the box is crucial for solving the latest problems that these quickly-evolving markets face.

When status quo just won’t cut it, a creative approach is crucial to success.  Joining ABL helps you yield the best results for honing and maximizing your business strategy:   ABL is where CEO breakthroughs happen.

Industry-Focused Networking & Round Tables

ABL provides industry-focused Round Tables, networking, connections and support.   Unlike other CEO, executive development, and executive advisory board groups, the ABL experience is unique, since it’s specifically targeted for healthcare and technology industry leaders. Your fellow Members understand the complex business strategy, leadership and financial skills required, and the regulatory environment impacting your industry.  Time is not lost explaining industry nuances and acronyms.  Although each Table consists of Members from a broad spectrum of their industry, none are direct competitors.

These industry-specific Round Table forums provide Members with their own strategic advisory board – trusted advisors and peers who become an invaluable resource for targeted business advice, and trusted partners who share their best practices and provide vetted referrals. The more Round Tables you attend, the more in tune you are to the crucial issues that directly impact your business and its development.

Beyond the monthly meetings, Members are encouraged to meet one-on-one with each other to offer expertise and receive feedback, network at ABL’s Membership-wide events, keep up-to-date on industry trends and fellow Members’ new with ABL Online, and access the Member’s Only website, a storehouse of valuable resources, exclusively available to ABL Members.

Professionally-Facilitated Meetings

ABL Industry-Focused Networking OrganizationProfessionally-facilitated Round Tables are at the core of ABL.  Each Round Table is led by a professional who enables highly effective business strategy discussions that are held to the highest levels of confidentiality. This provides a safe environment where CEO and Key Executive Members can share real-time issues and game-changing strategies with their CEO peer group. They peel back the curtain and reveal how they’ve conquered problems or how they are currently dealing with issues that are similar to roadblocks you may have already, or are currently dealing with in your own business. Fellow Members serve as your own personal brain trust, providing real-time coaching and business mentoring, resulting in best-practices for corporate growth.

Peer-To-Peer Coaching

At ABL, facilitated Peer-to-Peer Coaching is better than any individual coach.  This “multi-coach” approach results in shared insights and expertise that helps you accelerate your business growth. As your business grows, you will inevitably face new challenges. Your fellow Members will be with you every step of the way, helping you dramatically shorten your learning curve and avoid costly mistakes.  Our Members maintain a reciprocal relationship where advice and feedback flow interchangeably, providing for massive professional and personal growth.

About Our Members

Adaptive Business Leaders are conscious of the fluctuating nature of business.  ABL Members offer their insights and unique perspectives on how to combat the challenges inherent in their industries. While each Member seeks to grow his/her own business, they also give feedback that contributes to the growth and development of their fellow Members’ businesses.

The Adaptive Business Leaders Organization is a vital resource for every healthcare or technology entrepreneur and CEO who is looking to grow a great company and spark their corporate growth. Being a Member puts you right in the center of innovation – “in the room where it happens,” and fosters a range of networking opportunities with other successful business leaders.

Connect with leaders, drive your profits, and fuel your company’s growth.  Joining ABL gives you industry-focused insights, connections and support so you don’t have to be alone in tackling your most challenging business problems.   Our resources are waiting for you.

Do you Qualify for Membership?

  • Industry Focus:   Do you lead a firm that is predominantly in either the Healthcare or Technology industry?
  • Leadership: Are you a CEO, President, COO or Key Executive (of a large company) with P&L responsibility?
  • Established:   Does your company have a minimum of one million dollars in annual sales or assets?
  • Confidentiality: Will you sign ABL’s “Letter of Confidentiality”?
  • Candor & Integrity: Will you openly share your business issues and concerns, and provide candid feedback to your fellow Members?

If you answered yes to the questions above, then you may qualify for ABL Membership.  Please complete the Membership Inquiry form and our Member Services team will contact you shortly.